Sawmill Hydraulics, Inc.
Helle Hydrostatic Feed

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Sawmill Hydraulics is a leading manufacturer of Hydrostatic Carriage Drives. We offer several features on these drives.


  • HELLE Feeds feature only the latest in modern technology.
  • Eliminates Roller Chain Drive!
  • Auxiliary Pump For Live Deck and Log Turner Included!!!!!
  • Heavy Duty Drum Assembly with Locking Grid Coupling and Taper-Lock Hubs.
  • Electric Remote Control Standard.
  • Seperate Tank For Feed and Log Turner/Deck NOW WITH GEAR PUMP FOR CONVEYORS! Eliminate other pumping units!!!
  • Totally Enclosed Motor
  • Five Models to Fit YOUR Operation: 30HP - 40HP - 60HP - 75HP - 100HP