1995 I M A NOVIMAT 12/275 ST Edgebander

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Year: 1995 <
Make: I M A
Model: NOVIMAT 12/275 ST<
Stock Number: EO-012196


IMA NOVIMAT 12/275 ST 0.4 - 3mm Edgebanding thickness cap, 10 - 60 mm panel thickness (min 10mm-40mm with contour trimming, max 60mm without contour trimming); Min Panel width 65mm, min panel length 150mm, edge length min. 250mm with material up to 3mm); Ability for strip & solid edgebanding up to 3mm, HD reinforced guillotine for 3 mm PVC. -- Pre-Milling station with (2) motors @ 12,000 RPM each --Infrared Heating unit for side of panel set before the Gluing unit -- Gluing Station: Pre-Melter located over Glue Pot; (8) Pressure rollers with (1) large driven roller & (7) conical small rollers -- WORKING UNITS: Horizontal End Trimming unit (2 -motors - 12,000 RPM); Unit is mounted on top presure beam for easy adjustment -- Top & Bottom Rough trimming unit (.67 HP - 12,000 RPM) -- Top & Bottom Fine Trim station for Profile or Bevel trimming (.67 HP - 12,000 RPM) -- (4) Motor Corner Rounding station for Leading & Trailing corners of panel when banding all 4 sides (0.47 HP - 12,000 RPM). -- Top & bottom profile scrapers for up to 3 mm thick PVC banding, vertical & horizontal tracing shoes, SIKO digital readouts for easy setup -- Top & Bottom glue scraping Unit -- Patented IMA superfinishing unit with spheres to finish and reactivate the color on thick PVC/ABS banding -- CONTROL UNIT: BECKHOFF, -- Sound-proof enclosure cabinet over all the working units with interior lights.