2008 Paoloni KALIBRA 20 Sander

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Year: 2008 <
Make: Paoloni
Model: KALIBRA 20<
Stock Number: SX-012586


PAOLONI KALIBRA 20 RKRT Wide Belt Sander, (2) Heads: --43" (1100 mm) width cap. Drum, Combination Head. --The machine frame is fabricated on a monobloc ribbed steel frame to produce a structure that is strong and vibration free, essential to produce high quality panels.A working width of 1100mm is ideal for most applications. --Panels are transported on a rubber carpet which has a pneumatic device for automatic centering.The table is raised and lowered on four lifting screws with a chain drive to ensure perfect parallel motion.Limit switches at each end of the stroke prevent the sanding belt coming into contact with the conveyor and give a minimum working height of 3mm with a maximum working height of 200mm. --Head Configuration --1st Head: Rubber contact drum 160 mm dia. ( 6" dia.) . 85 shore 20 HP motor --2nd Head: Combination Head, Roller and finishing platen, 15 HP motor --Specifications: --Working width: 1100 mm, . --Belt dim. 1130 mm x 2200 mm. (44" X 87") --Max working thickness from 3 to 160 mm (1/8&rdquo; &ndash; 6 &frac14;&rdquo;) --Sanding belt working speed: 18 m/sec (54 ft/min) --Feed speed. 5 to 10 m/min. --Rubber covered steel pressure rollers, Double infeed and outfeed rollers --Feed motor 1 KW (1.36 HP)