1997 Heesemann LSM-8 Sander

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Year: 1997 <
Make: Heesemann
Model: LSM-8<
Stock Number: SX-012578


HEESEMANN LSM-8 Wide Belt Sander (2) Heads --53" (1,300 mm) Width cap. (1) Segmented cross-belt & (1) longitudinal combination head with segmented platen --Head Configuration: --1st Head: Segmented cross-belt, 5/8" wide segments (86 total) with "CTS" control, abrasive belt size 5.9" x 244", (5,400 mm X 150 mm ) inside chevron belt 5.9" x 191", sanding belt speed 5-12 m/s with 17 HP motor. -- 2nd Head: Combination head, with segmented polishing platen, 5/8" wide segments with CTS control, 17 HP motor, 106" x 53" ( 2,620 mm X 1,350 mm ) abrasive belt size; --Equipped with & Features: --Outfeed rotary panel cleaning brush. -- All heads have HESSEMANN's patented "CTS" selective pressure adjustment system, sensors spaced every 5/8" (16 mm) sense part configuration; (2) mm part thickness variation can be sanded without sand throughs, pressure for each segment can be pre-programmed to provide less pressure on the outer edges or more in the center if required. - The "CTS" computer control will hold approx. (20) programs or part configurations. -- Additional features: Outfeed rotary panel cleaning brush with single end adjustment, 2 HP motor, air blast abrasive belt cleaners on all heads. -- Variable feed speed from 13 to 82 FPM, 6.5 HP feed drive, motorized thickness opening 1/4" to 3-5/32" max.