1998 US Concepts FAS-100 Shaper

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Year: 1998 <
Make: US Concepts
Model: FAS-100<
Stock Number: SA-010955


US CONCEPTS FAS 100 Arch ShaperHorizontal Arch Shaper for curved mouldings. This heavy duty machine consistently cuts curved profiles by using a special floating feed system that registers on the outside edge of the curved blank. Specifications: -- 31" X 49" Table size, 7.5 HP main motor, 1-1/4" spindles, 6,500 RPM-Shaping, 1,600 RPM-Sanding. -- 5" Max. cutting width, 6-1/2" max. cutter dia., 0.75 HP variable speed DC feed motor, (5) horizontal feed rolls; cast iron table. -- The FAS uses digital counters to accurately adjust axial & cutting height adjustments. This combination allows you to cut any shape moulding such as radius or ellipse and even a closed profile such as a full circle or oval. -- For added flexibility, the lower cutterhead speed offers the opportunity to sand these profiles after cutting.