2000 Wintersteiger DSG 150 ECO Gang Rip Saw

Price: $24,800

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Year: 2000 <
Make: Wintersteiger
Model: DSG 150 ECO<
Stock Number: RG-011473


WINTERSTEIGER DSG 150 ECO Thin Cutting Frame Saw; Economically saw all kinds of wood types into glueable veneer; a stable, tried and tested basic machine with easily serviceable construction is the reason why this thin cutting Frame Saw is the most successful machine of its kind across the world. Side and center guides are fitted as standard on the basic machine to guarantee the broadest possible range of application; patented channel system for processing (2 - 4) blocks simultaneously also available as an option. Equipped with & Features: -- 11 kW (15 HP) Main motor; 0.3 - 1.5 MPM feed speeds; 210 mm saw frame stroke with (450) strokes/Min. -- 30 - 200 mm Cutting height, adjustable as required; max. +/- 0.5 mm difference in block height; 60 - 150 mm cutting width side guide; (2) 23 - 70 mm cutting width center guides; 300 mm min. block length. -- 1.5 mm Cutting accuracy; +/- 0.2 mm cutting loss (depending on saw length). -- Includes Air Jet" Module - Cleans the lamellas and saw blades during the sawing process by blowing away the sawdust; cools down the saw blades during the sawing process and cleans the shaving space of the saw blades; increases the saw blade life and improves the lamellas accuracy. Sawdust-free lamellas can then be glued immediately after cutting. -- Accessories include: (5) Frames, a multitude of blades, and other items worth approximately $6,500! Machine dimensions: 3,500 mm Length x 700 mm width x 1,900 mm height; approx. 2,000 kG (4,500 Lbs) weight.NOTE: Can be demonstrated on request. Allow 3-4 days to prepare.