2007 Kundig BRILLIANT 3-1100RRDKD Sander

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Year: 2007 <
Make: Kundig
Stock Number: SX-012572


KUNDIG BRILLIANT 3-1100RRDKD Wide Belt Sander, 3-Heads; -- 43" Width cap. Drum, Drum, Oblique Sanding Platen. Head Configuration: -- 1st Head: Contact roll, 30 HP motor. -- 2nd Head: Contact roll, 30 HP motor. -- 3rd Head: Combination head with rubber covered contact roller, Shore hardness 30, spiral grooved, and electronic controlled segments, microprocessor-controlled with 35 mm wide segments. -- Oblique Sanding: Oblique sanding we call the sanding process developed by the K&Uuml;NDIG AG at which the sanding unit rotates slightly oblique to the feed belt. That way, especially in the highest quality range, considerably better results are achieved.Specifications: -- Abrasive belt size 43&rdquo; x 126&rdquo; with air tensioning & electronic abrasive belt tracking, all heads with abrasive grit sequence adjustment. -- Conveyor belt feed with 1 HP variable feed drive, 9 - 45 FPM feed speed with inverter control, joystick control for conveyor start and stop. -- Infeed & outfeed rubber covered holddown rollers. -- 1/8" - 6-1/4" Max. motorized thickness opening with joystick control. -- LED readout of thickness, part "over-thickness" protection, automatic conveyor belt tracking. -- Constant Pass.Line Features: -- Emergency stop button, motor load meters, magnetic controls.NOTE: The sander needs a new sensor that controls the electronic segments (the sander runs fine without the segments operating). Specs to be verified.