2006 Renzo Borgonovo LCB-600/ 601 Lathes and Carvers

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Year: 2006 <
Make: Renzo Borgonovo
Model: LCB-600/ 601<
Stock Number: LC-010989


RENZO BORGONOVO LCB-600 ROPE MACHINE & LCB-601 SPLITTING SAW.Designed to produce a wide range of spiral wood roping in a continuous length. Square stock is fed into the machine to manufacture spiral twist roping from .3" (3 mm) - 2-3/8" (60 mm). -- A series of sleeve -tube- guides which are easily replaced allow the machine to be setup quickly for each variation in dia. and size of cutters; variable frequency drive on the draw plate controls feed speed. -- Equipped with: (2) HP Pre-rounding unit feeds the stock and produces the first cylindrical cut to shape. (1) 0.75 HP Milling unit and (1) 1.5 HP tilting milling motors work independently to produce the final spiral cut shape required. -- A special support accommodating various diameters of wood roping helps to eliminate any eventual breakage of the milled pieces. -- The LCB 601 Splitting saw is a portable unit that can be used in-line or separately. It saws halving moldings with special blade -- This machine has been designed for the lengthwise cutting of rods and for making glazing bead channels. These operations are performed simultaneously in a continuous production cycle without altering profile finish in any way. --Package consists of: two independent components. The splitting unit can be set in any position, making it suitable for performing various operations such as grooves, channels, ledges and chamfers at any point of the rod. Splitting saw for halving moldings with special blade. -- Includes: (1) set of tooling for rope moulding and tubes as pictured; 3-4" dust ports. Roping machine is 56" (1400 mm) long, not including splitting saw.