2010 Vector REVOLUTION 180 Edgebander

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Year: 2010 <
Make: Vector
Model: REVOLUTION 180<
Stock Number: EO-012186


VECTOR REVOLUTION 180 CNC CONTOUR EDGEBANDER: -- Specifications:Numerically controlled automatic Edgebanding Machine precisely applies ABS & PVC edgebanding automatically to square or irregularly shaped parts as the banding head travels on a bridge gantry along the "X", "Y" & "Z" axis. -- Machine Features:The banding unit simultaneously rotates on a high precision "C" axis; AC Brushless Servo motors with digital drives and linear guides ensure high speeds & accuracy with a smooth acceleration-and-deceleration.Extremely simple changing from one tape size to another, the operator only has to make a simple adjustment to the glue height, feed the new width of tape, and adjust the tape guide height. All else is taken care of by the machine.Glue height is set by positioning a pin in a hole in the index ring, removing any need for fine adjustment. -- Working Field:"X" Axis 139.7" (3,550 mm), "Y" axis 72" (1,830 mm), 0.63" - 1.57" (16 - 40 mm) min. - max. material thickness.0.79" (20 mm) Minimum external radius & 1.97" (50 mm) minimum internal radius, depending on the type of banding materials. 1 mm Minimum banding material thickness & 3 mm maximum banding material thickness. (NOTE: 1 mm PVC is not suitable for butt joints). -- Work Table:Phenolic work table with embedded vernier scales in "X & Y" axis allows for simple & flexible positioning of 2- stage vacuum pods; The work table allows for single or pendulum processing with (2) 48" x 72" (1,219 x 1,828 mm) work zones for processing small to large parts. With average cycle times under two minutes, the contour edgebander consistently produces quality parts, including 360° lap joints.The work piece is supported by means of vacuum cups sitting on a large flat bed. This enables absolute flexibility in positioning pods to ensure the workpiece is held securely. Full vacuum is achieved with a 100 m³/Hr vacuum pump. The pump is mounted inside the frame of the machine reducing noise and avoiding airborne dust.Exact workpiece positioning is not critical, as the patented VECTOR Revolution 180 operating system is unaffected by panel position.This patented process is controlled by a simple and intuitive interface that doesn't require CNC programming. -- Edge Banding unit:The VECTOR Revolution 180 uses a cartridge & nozzle glue extrusion system which is ideally suited to this contour banding application.The cartridge glue nozzle is a closed system which only heats the glue as it is used. The glue is not exposed to the atmosphere. This means there is no burning of the glue or dis-coloration & the original color of the glue & it's properties are maintained.Another benefit of the glue nozzle system is it&rsquo;s close proximity to the first pressure roller. This means that even when slowing for corners, the glue remains molten until pressed onto the panel by the first pressure roller. This is important when banding tight radiuses as the glue does not have an opportunity to chill before being pressed onto the