2007 Torit 160 HPT Dust Collection System

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Year: 2007 <
Make: Torit
Model: 160 HPT<
Stock Number: DO-011368


TORIT 160 HPT Filter unit with Rotary Air Lock. -- Filter Capacity: 25,600 to 16,000 CFM @ 16.1 to 10.6 ACR (corresponding air-to-cloth ratio), 1590 sq. ft. filter media using (160) 3" x 6" oval x 8' bags, singed polyester filter bags (non-woven micron-rated felt), -- "PowerFlo Cleaning System" allows a higher ACR, "Dura-Life" bag technology allows higher surface loading & pulse cleaning resulting in a two-to-three fold filter life (when changing bags due to pressure drop), Super-sonic nozzles' converging-diverging design produces an intermittent jet of powerful high volume 'induced' air for efficient bag cleaning. -- Supplied with: NYB blower driven by a 50 HP TEFC motor, set up for about 20,000 CFM, ground mounted, NEMA 4 Pulse Controls. This CFM provides an effective 12.6 : 1 ACR. -- Includes: 60° pyramid hopper with attached Rotary Air Lock (RAL) type 16"AN with extended neoprene wipers, driven by a 1Hp gearmotor. High-entry inlet (advantage over bottom inlet as it reduces fine dust from travelling back up the filter bank- updraft velocity), top access filter bags, caged access ladder and platform with hand rail, steel support structure extended to 126" height provides 6' of clearance under RAL. -- Features: (3) Explosion Vents & (2) Sprinkler Vents. Inlet 20&rdquo; X 63&rdquo; Rectangular, Outlet 15&frac12;&rdquo; X 99&rdquo; Rectangular.