1984 Tyler 2400 Gang Rip Saw

Price: $40,000

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Year: 1984 <
Make: Tyler
Model: 2400<
Stock Number: VG-010586
Location: SOUTHEAST, AL Map Item Location


TYLER 2400 SLAT-WALL MACHINE: -- Specifications:Produces T-slots "Slat-Wall" for architectural/store fixture panels.48" x 97" Max. panel capacity., 24" x 24" min. cap., panel thickness 0.5" to 1.5"; Machine capable of processing up to (40) panels/Hr, depending on material density, thickness and the slot profile. -- Equipped with:This machine is currently set up with (17) router spindles on 3" centers,Spindles are driven in groups of (3) with (6) 7.5 HP - 3,450 RPM motors that drive the (17) router spindles, all router spindles rotate @ 15,400 RPM.This machine can accept up to (21) router spindles & the additional spindles can be activated by adding (1) additional 7.5 HP - 3,450 RPM motor. -- Machine Operating Sequence:Panels remain stationary on top, pneumatically clamped in place while the bottom mounted router bank traverses the full length of the panel with a high speed return,Variable feed speed control, router assembly traverses on ground & polished rails with chain drive.Panels are positioned along the 8' rear edge fence line, distance from the panel edge to the centerline of the 1st cut can be adjusted from 0.0" - 3" (1 router spindle pitch). -- Operator & Machine Control:Allen Bradley electrical controls for the machine cycle and a "setup" mode of operation;Machine cutting cycle is initiated by a 2-hand operator safety buttons located on the right front of machine. -- Complete with:Overhead holddown assembly with (2) large air cylinders and (6) arms with spring loaded clamping pads hold the panel in place.Panels are loaded from the 8' front and exit to the side for easy unloading. -- Options Include:"Optional" 60" x 97" Max. panel processing capacity; (17) used diamond router bits; (2) extra motors; parts book and service manual and dust collection chutes attached to machine. -- Actual Model is TYLER 2400