1989 Tos Svitavy PKSN 20A Gang Rip Saw

Price: $18,000

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Year: 1989 <
Make: Tos Svitavy
Model: PKSN 20A<
Stock Number: RG-011457


TOS SVITAVY PKSN 20A Dip Chain Gang Ripsaw with Overhead Arbor: 7.8" Max. rip cap. (between saw blades), 9.5" chain width, 21.6" min, board length (unbutted), 9.8" (butted). -- 6.3" Min. to 13.77" max. blade dia., 4 mm (0.15") min. to 100 mm (4") max. depth of cut. -- 2 HP Variable speed feed works from 4 to 40 MPM (13 to 131 FPM); 3/4 HP raise and lower to the feed rolls; 3/4 HP motor raise and lower to the saw arbor raise and lower. -- 30 HP Motor; 60 mm dia. arbor @ 4,300 and 5,500 RPM, changeable. -- Includes: Automatic chain oiler, top & bottom anti-kickback fingers, adjustable Infeed fence, saw sleeve and spacers. NOTE: Machine has been in a warm, dry storage since new. Never run even a single board! This machine couldn't be any newer unless it was built at a later date