1996 Fezer FM-30 Veneer Equipment

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Year: 1996 <
Make: Fezer
Model: FM-30<
Stock Number: VL-010203


FEZER Model FM-30, Veneer Slicer System complete with the following features: -- 12" Max. lumber slicing width with an up to 10" high cant, veneer thickness 1/85" to 3/8" and with +/- accuracy of 0.002"; fixed knife with a 75ø fixed knife bias angle. -- Upper feed beam with continuous belt feed for 164 FPM or 246 FPM, 26 HP feed motor, 6 HP head elevator motor for "rapid" dual speed up & down travel; feed head can be raised to 16" opening for easy maintenance. -- Equipped with: Motorized upper feed beam which adjusts automatically during slicing at cant changes, fine hand wheel digital adjustment of front bed longitudinally or vertically, belt guide bearings for stable lumber feed, automatic indexing of pressure head, rollers in in- & outfeed table reduce friction; table height 36". -- Includes: Digital readout on table height; push & pull screws for nose bar adjustment and up to 6" opening between knife and nose bar for easy touch-up of knife. -- FEZER Merry-go-Round conveyor system (84" max. material length), allows continuous feed of several pieces of lumber to the slicer over powered rollers and driven cross-transfer chains, forward feed speed 250 FPM and sideways traversing feed at 130 FPM, handles (4 - 10) pieces of flitches/Min; at a slicer feed speed of 246 FPM, it can produce approx. (10) pieces of veneer/Min. -- Year 2001, REFORM Model 51 Knife Grinder with a 59" (1500 mm) knife length capacity. -- Please click on "Play Video" button to see this machine in operation. -- Please click on the "View Literature" button found below the photos on this listing for more detailed factory information. -- NOTE: A Veneer Dryer is also available at this site. See Listing VL-010202.