Raimann ASA 2 Veneer Equipment

Price: $42,500

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Make: Raimann
Model: ASA 2<
Stock Number: VE-010458


65" Throat cap., 3 HP gearmotor drive unit (new clutch and gear motor), automatic strip type plug-feeder, - cap. of up to (40) plugs/Min., table dimensions 39" x 47", veneer thickness 1/32" to 3/16", profile P-34 dies. -- Patch length 1.63" min. to 4" max., patch width .88" min. to 2" max., table height 35". -- Tool sequence: Veneer patch is cut by table die and scrap is ejected into discharge chutes, veneer patch blank is then positioned against the underside of the table die, plug punch cuts replacement veneer patch from underside and patch is inserted into the proper position. -- Overall size: 120" Length x 40" x 64"; approx. weight 5,500 Lbs.