2007 Stegherr KSF-2-4 Shaper

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Year: 2007 <
Make: Stegherr
Model: KSF-2-4<
Stock Number: SA-010938


STEGHERR KSF-2/4 Closed Halving Joint CutterSpecial cutter for the quick and efficient production of closed halving joints. The edges are cut by a top and a bottom cutting unit while at the same time a third unit finishes the flat portion in between. The feed rate of the cutters can be set infinitely variable. The entire cutter unit moves against the rigidly located workpiece. The top and bottom tool-set can be adjusted in height separately. This guarantees a quick re-adjustment of the machine to another thickness of the workpiece. The tools are driven by two three-phase A.C. motors of 1.1 kW. After insertion the workpiece is clamped, cut and released automatically by merely pressing the button. This method of operation with one stop system guarantees optimum performance and outstanding precision.FOURTH MILLING UNIT This additional grooving unit allows cutting of both vertical and horizontal sashes, without having to turn them by 180°. It ensures a tear free cut on the top (view) side of the workpiece. Additional vertical stroke for front and back notching unit Capacity: -- 1/4" x 1/4" Min. and 2-3/8" x 2-5/8" max., -- (2) 3 HP spindle motors with (1) cutterhead top. -- (2) cutterhead bottom and (1) rear cutterhead. -- All spindles are on a horizontal plane with a 7,900 RPM spindle speed. -- Air-over-oil infinitely adjustable spindle feed with pneumatic clamping in automated sequence. -- Pneumatic cylinders mounted at the infeed and outfeed, facilitate feeding and discharge of finished products with up to (15) cycles/Min. . -- 10" x 34" Worktable extends .Complete with: -- FOOT PEDAL control -- QUICK ADJUSTMENT for top (and bottom) cutting unit (always necessary with counter cutting package), -- TOOL SET, (Used) including: -- (2) two-part adjustable profile cutters and (2) adjustable groove cutter, HM reversible tips, - adjustment range 7,5 - 14,5 mm -- (2) Notching heads on the back & front milling unit