2003 Wintersteiger DSG 150 ECO Gang Rip Saw

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Year: 2003 <
Make: Wintersteiger
Model: DSG 150 ECO<
Stock Number: RG-011436


WINTERSTEIGER DSG 150 ECO Thin Cutting Frame Saw. To economically saw all kinds of wood types into glueable veneer; a stable, tried and tested basic machine with easily serviceable construction is the reason why this thin cutting Frame Saw is the most successful machine of its kind across the world. -- Side and center guides are fitted as standard on the basic machine to guarantee the broadest possible range of application; patented channel system for processing (2 - 4) blocks simultaneously also available as an option. -- Equipped with: 11 kW (15 HP) main motor; 0.3 - 1.5 MPM feed speeds; 210 mm saw frame stroke with (450) strokes/Min.Capacity & Specifications: -- 30 - 200 mm Cutting height, adjustable as required; max. +/- 0.5 mm difference in block height; -- 60 - 150 mm Cutting width side guide; (2) 23 - 70 mm cutting width center guides; -- 300 mm min. block length. -- 1.5 mm Cutting accuracy; +/- 0.2 mm cutting loss (depending on saw length). -- Machine dimensions: 3,500 mm Length x 700 mm width x 1,900 mm height; approx. 2,000 kG weight.Features: -- Includes Air Jet" Module - Cleans the lamellas and saw blades during the sawing process by blowing away the sawdust; cools down the saw blades during the sawing process and cleans the shaving space of the saw blades. -- The "Air Jet"; increases the saw blades life and improves the lamellas accuracy. Sawdust-free lamellas can then be glued immediately after cutting. Same voltage as DSG; 2.2 kW main motor. -- Electrical interlock switches on access doors could use replacement.Includes: (1) Frame, (1) Channel, and (1) Center Guide