1989 Newman-Whitney S-382 Planer

Price: $86,850

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Year: 1989 <
Make: Newman-Whitney
Model: S-382<
Stock Number: PD-010657


NEWMAN/WHITNEY TOP AND BOTTOM ROUGHING PLANER: 30" width with a 6" max. & 3/8" min. thickness cap., shortest stock 46" (not butted). -- Equipped with: 75 HP - 3,600 RPM Direct drive motor to top head, 40 HP - 3,600 RPM direct drive motor to bottom head, both heads with NEWMAN 8-knife "Quiet Cut" helical head (7" cutting circle) with "a good bit of carbide left on the knives" (Supplied with grinding bars and jointing attachments. -- Sectional top chipbreaker with 3" wide hardened steel sections. -- 25 HP Hydraulic power unit for variable feed speed of 80 - 300 FPM --Top head pressure bar-manual release Double set tire infeed rollers, each consisting of (4) 16" dia. pneumatic tires allowing up to 1-1/2" independent yield, additionally bottom infeed and single outfeed idle rolls, outfeed bottom roll with scraper; motorized thickness adjustment, 1 HP motor. -- Automatic cut control -- Complete with: Wear strip for rear platen, chrome plated insert for front platen, infeed table, cutterhead brakes, and dust hoods.