2000 Weinig UNIMAT-3000/013 Moulder

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Year: 2000 <
Make: Weinig
Model: UNIMAT-3000/013<
Stock Number: MF-012747


WEINIG UNIMAT 3000/012 Moulder Feed Through; 7-Head (B-R-L-R-T-T-B), working cap. 230 x 120 mm (9-1/16"- 4-3/4"). Head sequence: -- Bottom 20 HP, right 20 HP, left 20 HP, right 20 HP, top 30 HP, top 30 HP and bottom 25 HP motor. All motors with electronic spindle brakes. -- Powerlock tools on tool holders #1 - 7, Tool holder # 1 - 8,000 RPM, tool holders 2-7 variable 4,000 -12,000 RPM spindle speed.Features: -- WEINIG CAS-LOGO COM software package; Data input while machine in operation, preprogramming of chip removal at infeed table and right spindle, programmable feed speed. -- HSK Tool clamping automatically, built-in collision control dimensions in software with min. and max. crash points; lineal footage counter. -- Automatic positioning of tools radially and axially, chipbreakers, and pressure elements for the left & top spindles, feed system including positioning of feed rollers opposite left tools. -- Electronic LED readouts for all tool holders; electronic readouts on chipbreakers & pressure elements. -- All tools with high precision bearings; adjustment of vertical tools 2-3/16". -- Motorized tool positioning #2 - #7, both radial and axial. Motorized feed beam adjustment with independent adjustment of 2nd top heads, top heads with independant adjustment of chipbreaker and pressure element. Feed System: -- Variable feed speed from 20 - 118 FPM, 15 HP inverter controlled Cardan feed drive, overhead feed wheels with pneumatic pressure. -- Vertical tools with adjustable table plates to cutting circles, hardened infeed bed plates before & after 1st bottom head. -- Infeed straightening table 2 M (6-1/2'). Groove guide for short parts to top spindles, (2) reduced distance feed rollers opposite right tools. Equipped with: -- Central location of lubrication points, electromagnetic interlocking of safety hood. -- Manual Waxilit pump, and (2) lights inside sound enclosure. -- Pedestal with "PowerCom" controls separate from machine with 2.5 M harness. -- PowerCom language can be changed to any language or measurement setting.