1993 Torreda Tormadex PA-1200 E Lathes and Carvers

Price: $10,900

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Year: 1993 <
Make: Torreda Tormadex
Model: PA-1200 E<
Stock Number: LC-010528


TORREDA TORMADEX S.A. PA-1200 Hydraulic Wood Turning Back Knife Lathe:Nicely equipped Spanish lathe with dual hydraulic tracers for making quick work of all your demanding woodturning production runs! ... Great for turning baseball bats!Specifications: -- 47" Max. between centers, 9-7/8" max. dia. without traveling steady. -- 3-1/3" Max. dia. through steady rest (larger dia. of 6.2" cap. OPTIONAL); -- High speed automatic loading, feeder accepts pieces up to 4" square. -- 4 HP Motor with (4) turning speeds, 1,200, 2,800, 3,500, and 4,550 RPM. -- (2) HIDRO "T-75" hydraulic reproducing heads with 3" stroke. -- (2) Top mounted hydraulic knives for tennon or pattern cutting (accepts form tools up to 3" wide). -- 2 HP Hydraulic pump motor with (3) carriage feed speeds. Includes: Safety guard, tooling with several roughing and finishing knives.