2003 Sorbini SMARTCOATER-SP1 Finishing-Wood

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Year: 2003 <
Make: Sorbini
Stock Number: FC-010363


SORBINI Smart Coater SP-1 Reverse Fill MachineCombination Differential/Filling Machine SMARTCOATER with a 880 mm (34-1/2") working/pass through height; one of the best units ever produced. -- Dual purpose machine can be utilized as: -- (1) A standard differential Roll Coater for application of UV sealer or top coat material; as a differential Roll Coater the first application head is independently utilized to for precisely controlled application. -- (2) A Filling Machine for application of H2O or UV filling material to calibrate substrates with porous veneer; as a Filling Machine, both heads are utilized for application and reverse smoothing or pressing of UV filling material. -- (2) Heads, 53" width cap. - 1st Head: 250 mm (9-3/4") Dia. rubber coated applicator roller with separate doctor roller, doctor blades are oscillating. -- 2nd Head: 245 MM (9-5/8") dia. chromium coated smoothing/reverse roller w/separate chromium doctor roll; all heads are floating to compensate for calibration errors & minimize damages from oversize parts. -- Features: 0 - 100 mm (3-3/4") Adjustable opening; thickness protection safety bar connected to pneumatic emergency lifting; EX-proof electrics on all motors. -- 2 HP Conveyor drive, variable feed speed from 26 - 131 FPM; 0.5 HP variable RPM drive on doctor rolls, and separate 0.75 HP drive on applicator & reverse rollers. -- Electrical power 480 V, 3-Ph, 3.8 kW; 7 Amps.