1990 MAC 144-MCF-255 Dust Collection System

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Year: 1990 <
Make: MAC
Model: 144-MCF-255<
Stock Number: DO-011325


MAC 144-MCF-255 Baghouse Dust Collection system with Reverse Jet Bag Cleaning and (2) Cyclones to Dust Bin arranged in a closed system. Baghouse constructed of 7 gauge carbon steel containment; one piece body all welded construction, 120" diameter shell walk-in plenum for maintenance and bag replacement. -- Baghouse Capacity: 33,200 CFM @ 9:1 Air-to-cloth ratio, 3,698 sq-ft of filter area made up of (255) Filter bags; 144" long x 5" dia.; 120" shell dia. -- Equipped with: (1) Floor mounted fan/motor with 125 HP BALDOR TEFC motor powering a REES - MEMPHIS Model 34-50, S/N 90-275-5-F282 with a 36" inlet diameter Material Handling Fan Installed in a positive pressure configuration, with up-blast arrangement, unitary base, flanged inlet & outlet. -- Bag Cleaning; (1) 5 HP PD pump for bag cleaning at 7- 9 PSIG. 1 HP Direct drive explosion proof gearmotor for distribution arm, surge tank, pneumatically controlled firing mechanism activating the diaphragm valves/nozzles. When cleaning arm & bag segments are correctly aligned air nozzles fire directly into bags without wasted cleaning air. -- Features: Approx. 15" Rotary Air Lock (RAL) with 2 HP motor; 70° Cone shaped hopper (not for storage) attached to MAC at bottom of cone. -- Outside piping to collector, caged ladder to top plenum, support stand, Electrical control panel with starter for all motors in this system.. -- Includes: Complete dust storage system consisting approx. 30 Unit PEERLESS CORP. Dust Bin supplied by (2) top cyclones (about 8' dia.) by a ground mounted Material Handling transfer fan connected as a closed system. Discharge dust is transfered from the bottom of the RAL up to a 1st cyclone and outlet of cyclone, containing fine dust, is recirculated back into the inlet of MAC baghouse. A 2nd cyclone was collecting dust from other sources in the plant and its discharge is also conveyed to the inlet of MAC unit. using a PHELPS 35HV-1 #117160 blower with a 20" inlet reduced to a 12" pipe & powered a direct drive SIEMENS 30 HP motor, 1900 RPM. The Dust Bin comes with a hydraulic power pack to operate the opening/closing of the clam style bottom discharge into a separate container (not included. -- Dims & Weight: MAC unit: Length of straight portion shell body, not including cone or rotary air lock, is approx. 390" (35'). Weight of shell is approx. 13,000 Lbs, not including support steel and RAL. PEERLESS Bin has a footprint of 16'-2" wide by 20'-3" long. -- Dust Bin can be sold with or without the MAC baghouse provided removal is coordinated at the same time. -- Dismantling/rigging, truck loading and transportation available, please call for quote.